Content score: What It Is and How To Use It for SEO and Content Marketing

A Content score is a real-time, fully automated score that saves you tons of time and effort on manual research and ensures your SEO efforts for your websites are hitting the right place, and you won’t need to check for similar sites because with this tool you’ll optimize your content and show up more on Google Search Result Page.

How does content score work?

A Content score is a value that ranges from 0 to 100, where it represents the quality of the content and its relevance to a given keyword and how the scoring works are ranging from 0 to 33 means it warns you of irrelevant or low-quality content, ranging from 34 to 66 represents decent quality and relevance and ranging from 67 to 100 indicates optimum quality and relevance. All these ranges are based on factors like the usage of relevant words and phrases, your content’s natural language processing, your content’s title and its headings, the structure of the headers of your content, etc.

How to use the content score to improve your SEO and Content Marketing?

Using the content score, it analyzes your page’s keyword ranking and also the content which can help you to find out how well your content is scoring on your website which gives you an indication of how well your content’s quality. The content score can even tell you about your competitors and how their content is which can help you to improve your content should be considered as a benchmark for your content which gives you the advantage of being able to edit your content to have a higher content score. For example, if you run an SEO Agency in Malaysia and your keyword is SEO Malaysia, it can analyze your page and also other pages where they use similar keywords of SEO Malaysia and all of them can help with the future searches of your users.


In conclusion, a content score is an innovative method to assist you and your website in terms of content writing and SEO whereby it can indicate the quality of your content for you to improve and also compares your article to other competitors to give you an advantage in writing them in your content. Get a free consultation from the best SEO company in Malaysia today!

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