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NexRank is an autopilot Seo component of NexODN which automates all the traditional SEO with the help of machine learning technology. NexRank is designed to smartly automate manual SEO and run quality SEO in a huge website in just a short time. NexRank enables you to change the content in NexODN website and publish change directly from NexODN dashboard and in just a few clicks via our CDN will reflect into the search engine.

NexRank can analyze a website and tell you what is wrong in relation to Search Engine Optimization.

Automatically generate a smart recommendation base of a regional and international huge pool of datasets for your on-page SEO and content optimization using our Machine Learning technology.

NexRank can optimize 1000 pages in a shorter amount of time.


  • Machine Learning(ML) Trained The 1st ever ML Paas leading with Natural Language Processing, studying how search engines work by bringing you closer to what they really want.
  • Term importance Focused Tells you an array of term/keyword compositions you can use to rank by showing you Term/keywords that are contextually linked to your main keyword.
  • Location Based Search Check your localized search rankings from over N locations worldwide.
  • NLP Competitors & Results Driven Keyword Paas that is integrated with not just ranking benefits but also the aim of outranking your competitors without having to switch to other platforms
  • Bridge the gap between different words with the same meaning. Eg. Understanding how “Seo Malaysia ” and “Malaysia Seo” are essentially the same thing.
  • NLP Content Gap Analysis Engine Use topic modeling to identify, compare and leverage strategies into action.
  • Built-in Performance & Rank Tracking See the AI in action for yourself on how a good NexODN pushes your ranking up and makes sure you stay on top of SERP.

World-First SEO Autopilot Platform Powered By Artificial Intelligence SEO Machine Learning Expert System

  • Fully automated with ZERO ADS for SME and Micro SME Businesses.
  • Using Trained AI Machine system, Machine Learning & Deep Learning Big Data Modeling.
  • Perform real-time analysis against SEO ranking factors.
  • Automatically generate a smart recommendation based on regional and international dataset.