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Possesses Digital Marketing, Advertising or any Sales background knowledge.

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Possesses Digital Marketing, Advertising or any Sales background knowledge.

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Involved in web development and maintenance based on the given requirements and specifications.

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Digital Marketing Executive / SEO Specialist Job Responsibilities:- Directly Manage …

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If you’re a marketer or business owner, you’ve likely been told that you should be using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your company website. SEO could make a huge impact on your company’s most important target and goals, like increasing quality leads and sales.

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NexODN is born with Artificial Intelligence Predictive Modeling

Gathering data to tell you what are the profitable keywords for your website and everything you need to know about your website .

NexODN's predictive modeling can be used to gather information to assist industries such as

Discover profitable terms / keywords that you can use to rank on Google’s 1st results page.

Reach the right prospects with the right message. Get more qualified leads and close sales from the top SEO expert in Malaysia


Other general keyword research tools provide related keywords together with the keyword data such as Search Volume, asked questions and related keywords.
Powered by the Natural Language Processing, NexODN is the first ever Machine Learning SEO Platform that will enable users to include the best term composition in their content, which is focused on outranking the top competitors in a particular niche.

The trained  NEXODN AI model also has the ability to understand minor differences and nuances between similar words. It can understand unintentional or deliberate misspellings, duplicates, stop words, entities, word placement swapping, and multiple fields of different types. This falls in line to how modern search engines like Google understands a web page semantically.

Predictive analytics and machine learning capabilities allow websites to know when Google is going to update their search engine algorithm. Machine Learning is affecting SEO and transforming the digital marketing sphere by allowing your business to increase the engagement rate and conversions.

Through machine learning technology and data-driven approaches, marketers could simplify the intricate SEO processes by making marketing decisions specifically focused on consumer behavior, semantic searching, and content optimization. With AI-SEO machine learning and deep learning, you can get actionable, accurate, and focused data to optimize your website and improve visibility in Google search engines. NexODN is all in one tool to help you keep on the same page as Google and always will be.

AI-SEO Machine Learning & Deep Learning improve the efficiency of allowing SEO experts to understand and analyze the relationships between top-down and horizontal changes in keyword targeting, meta tags, meta keywords, meta descriptions, headings, links and other significant metrics of your business site.

AI SEO is all about using Artificial Intelligence to understand user intent (UX) and understand how to improve search engine optimization strategies. In this increasingly competitive landscape, it’s imperative that you don’t just rank well in search engines but perform well in terms of organic search traffic as well. Using AI-powered techniques, it can help you scale your business by identifying and fixing issues early in order to increase the organic click through rate.

Content, page loading times,website usability, and navigation are the most essential factors that need to be addressed in order to have a successful SEO result. Think of it this way: the more authoritative a site, the more specific its content, and the more likely it is to hold information related to your company directly in mind as you type. This is how Google measures up sites for Google rankings.

The more specific the website content, and the more likely it is that the user will be able to find what they’re looking for. Thus, having a good quality of website content is one of the most important factors to affect your SEO ranking. In sum, the best way to rank on Google is to create great content. You’re not just creating content for the sake of creating content, you’re creating content to satisfy the Google search engines’ requirements. Now it’s time to create great pieces of content that people will engage with.

  1. Discover the competitive Term/keywords you want to rank – and RANK them for yourself!

  2. Reach the right prospects with the right message at the right time(relevance & intent) – get more Qualified TRAFFIC & lEADS!

  3. Reveal highly relevant & profitable TOPIC (KEYWORDS AND TERMS), include them in your content – optimize your CONTENT creation!

  4. Monitor your SEO performance with comprehensive  real time rank tracking – get INSIGHTFUL overview of your progress!

  1. Another great way to improve your sites traffic with SEO testing is to test alternative titles to gauge impact on overall traffic. There are often variations of your core keywords that a page might rank in the top 100 for that do not yet drive traffic. Using our Missing Keywords feature you can discover synonyms, modifiers and other topics that your pages rank for, but dont currently target. NexODN crawler scans your sites urls and compares the keywords you are ranking for in multiple locations and gives you the most profitable terms to rank for. By identifying the keywords or phrases that are missing from your original page and adding them where appropriate – whether to your title, sub headings or just as part of your article body – you can quickly improve your relevance for those phrases and synonyms and thus rank for a wider range of keywords and modifiers.

Artificial intelligence(AI) is not a single tactic, strategy, or technology. Instead, AI acts like a blanket term to encompass a spectrum of emerging technologies meant to perform tasks better and faster than humans. These technologies included Natural language generation, processing, and conversational interfaces.

AI holds exceptional growth opportunities that can enhance your SEO efforts by leaps and bounds. AI technologies allow business to identify and solve the intractable problems and bottlenecks that they are encountering with their website. Thus, AI offers a positive impact on SEO Malaysia.

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